A Brief History of the Evolution and Impact of Modern Auto Glass

Auto Glass

A Brief History of the Evolution and Impact of Modern Auto Glass : Although glass has been made and used by humans for thousands of years, what we are concerned with here is the evolution of Modern Auto Glass and especially windshields.

When early cars reached astonishing speeds of thirty-five miles per hour, it became important to protect their occupants from the elements. Glasses were the first tool to protect the eyes of drivers and passengers and because eyeglass lenses have been around for some time, the cost versus quality of this protective measure is relatively low. But as cars …

Improving the Car Industry Over the Years

Improving the Car Industry

Improving the Car Industry Over the Years : In this world that is changing. We as people developed and invented many different things that would make our job easy or that would even solve some of the problems faced today. And since cars have become a part of our modern times, we are always trying to improve them by making them easy and good for our environment.

There have been many discoveries and advances made by the automobile industry. As the world changes and the modernization of the automotive industry also changes from the colors of the car accessories and …

Learn Step By Step – How To Install CaRP Evolution and Grouper

CaR Evolution

Learn Step By Step – How To Install CaRP Evolution and Grouper : CaRP and Grouper Evolution (V4) came after a big revolution. Now, you can easily use this software for your convenience. You don’t have to run expensive and complicated software to make your tasks simple. Here, you just need to install and be a game! What else do you need when you have it all at once?

So, what do you understand by the term CARP? It’s true that this is something new to new users, but if you’re reading this in a simpler form, then it’s too …

Bankruptcy and Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle Insurance

Bankruptcy and Vehicle Insurance : One day I had the opportunity to meet with a client who was considering filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy in the Southern District of Iowa. While discussing his monthly living expenses, I asked the client if he had car insurance. The answer is no. It reminds me of a married couple who didn’t have car insurance when they filed for bankruptcy and didn’t bother to take it after they filed. I want to share their story with you.

In 2003 the couple filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in Des Moines, Iowa. Everything went smoothly. The …

Electric Car Industry Gathers Momentum

Electric Car

Electric Car Industry Gathers Momentum : The electric car industry has had many wrong starts with the first coming in the early 1880s. To be precise, the first successful electric car was launched in 1888, after leaving the German factory.

Since then, several other attempts have been made throughout history to bring these cars to the mass market but to no avail. The current wave of excitement towards them started in 2008 and is likely to remain, given how far the industry has come in the last five years. All factors considered, it looks like these cars have finally broken …